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Fund Raising Overview

The fund raising division of the Man Fut Tong Nursing Home targets to raise about $800K annually to continue providing quality medical, nursing, rehabilitative, social and psychological care for 232 sick and needy elderly residents, 40 clients for the Day Rehabilitation / Day Care Centre (30 Attendances per day) and to put aside a small sum as savings for the rainy day to ensure continuity of quality service provision.

Your donation goes a long way in helping our residents.

Do visit here to donate to Man Fut Tong Nursing Home.

Donation In Kind

[Updated in Jul 2022]
Donation In Kind Needed. Donations are greatly appreciated.

Dry Ration

  • A1 vegetarian Rou Gu Cha Dai (A1 素肉骨茶袋) 3盒(一盒有 20包=60包)
  • Vegetarian Bo Lou Gu (波罗菇) 素味精 20包
  • Dried Seaweed (紫菜干) 1大包
  • Vegetarian Curry Powder (素加里粉)
  • Red Bean (红豆) 1大包 (25公斤)
  • Green Bean (绿豆) 1大包(25 公斤)
  • Black Glutenous Rice (黑糯米) 1大包(25 公斤)
  • Chrysanthemum (菊花) 10公斤(或一大包)
  • Bee Hive Sugar (石峰糖) 20公斤
  • Rock Sugar (冰糖) 12公斤(1包=6公斤)
  • Peanut in Pieces (花生粒) 1大包

Wet Ration- Vegetables

  • Sichuan veggie (四川菜) 1公斤装 – 20包
  • Old ginger (老姜) 3箱
  • Lemon grass (香茅) 1公斤
  • Potatoes usage 20 kg per week (马铃薯 – 1 星期需要) 20公斤

Vegetarian Canned Food

  • Braised peanut (焖花生) 小罐头装(3 箱 144 罐)
  • Button mushroom (蘑菇) 36罐
  • Straw mushroom (草菇) 36 罐


  • Coffee 3in1 or Coffee 2in1 ‘low sugar’ (三合一咖啡 或 二合一咖啡 低糖)
  • Milo Refill pack, 1 kg (美录 1公斤装)
  • Nestum Cereal, 500 gm or 1 kg pack (麦片鸟巢标无糖)
  • Anlene High Calcium Milk Powder or Nespray High Calcium Milk powder, 1 kg pack (安宁高钙奶粉或其他品牌)

Other Ration

  • Sesame oil (麻油) 5公斤装 – 5瓶
  • Soya Sauce/light soya sauce (酱清) 5公斤装 – 5瓶或5支
  • Vegetarian chicken stock in bottle (素鸡汤) Maggie brand – 3箱(36支)
  • Evaporated milk 煮加里生奶 – 1箱 (24包)
  • Dark sweet sauce (甜酱油 炒粿条用) 5公斤装大 – 2瓶/支
  • Vegetarian tomato sauce (素茄汁) 5公斤装 – 2瓶或 24支
  • Vegetarian chilli sauce (素辣椒酱) 5公斤装 或瓶装 – 2瓶或24支
  • Bean paste Red cover (豆瓣酱红盖) – 8罐
  • Bean paste Yellow cover (豆瓣酱黄盖) – 8罐
  • Tomatoes paste (番茄膏中) – 10罐
  • Peanut butter (花生酱) – 1箱24罐
  • Butter(牛油) or Planta margarine(白兰他菜油)
  • Kaya (咖椰) – 36罐
  • Black current jam (葡萄酱) – 24罐

Other Items In Need

  • Ensure Milk Powder (营养奶)
  • Chinese herbs:  枸杞子(10 包), 玉竹(1 公斤), 当归, 党参, 川弓, 北芪, 冬虫夏草, 冬虫夏草花
  • Pepper (胡椒粉) – 2公斤
  • Potato flour (生粉, 土豆粉) – 10包


The Management, staff and residents of Man Fut Tong Nursing Home would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to individuals and organisations who have been supporting us through their generous donation to our Nursing Home.

Getting There

By Public Transport:
The nearest MRT station is Woodlands MRT. Take bus feeder service number 911 from Berth 6 from Woodlands Bus Interchange. Alight at the Woodlands North Plaza Shopping Mall. Man Fut Tong Nursing Home is located at the rear of the Mall.

Approach to Nursing Home is from CTE to SLE and exit at Woodlands Ave 2.


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