Professional Medical Services

The Medical team comprises our Visiting Medical Officer, Visiting Consultant Geriatrician and Psycho-Geriatrician. The services provided include:

  • Provide comprehensive medical care for the residents.
  • Medical examination on admission.
  • Follow up at regular intervals.
  • Adhoc consultation.
  • Fortnightly Specialist consultations for selected residents and on an ad hoc basis.
  • Regular review and prescription of medications for all residents.
  • Identification of risk factors & formulation of appropriate treatment plans.
  • Liaison with the respective medical specialists when residents are hospitalized.
  • Ordering of necessary lab & other investigations.
  • Staff Training.
  • Health education for families.
  • Maximize rehabilitation potential of residents and facilitate transition from nursing home to community through teamwork and close liaison with all other Care Staff.


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