Admission Criteria

General Criteria

AGeneral Criteria 
1Citizenship- Singapore Citizens
- Permanent Residents
2 Age- Adults irrespective of age
- The Home is not suitable for Children
3Sex- Males
- Females
4Religion- Open to all religions
- Suitable for Muslims too as the Home provides Vegetarian food with eggs only.
5Geographical BoundariesNIL
6Period of stay anticipated / required- Average of 2.5 years
- Variable period of stay acceptable on a case by case basis
7Referrals- Referrals received from Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) for subsidized residents electronically and from anyone for full paying residents either by fax / email or personal contact

- The documents comprising general information, medical, social, rehab etc needs will be scrutinized by the MSW initially and forwarded to the Director Nursing and Visiting doctor for their comments. The decision is forwarded to the Executive Director for approval

- If approved the MSW Dept will contact the family to make an appointment for interview prior to admission

- During the interview the MSW will provide financial counseling and information on the services etc. The guarantors will then have to sign the formal Agreement for admission as well as on other documents required by the Nursing Home

Financial Criteria

BFinancial Criteria 
8Destitutes / PA casesAccept
9Paying CasesAs per MOH Guidelines - 10% of residents can be full paying cases.
10Ward Charges- Non-subsidised cases, ward charge of $2,400 per month for 8 bedded wards (whichever is higher) covers
- Medical consultations
- Nursing care
- Physiotherapy
- Occupational therapy
- Medical social work services
- Dietetic services
- Subsidised cases supported by MOH & MFT subsidies with families co-paying depending on socio-economic status

** Ambulance cost is chargeable
11Refundable Deposit- subsidised case - S$1000
- Private case - 3 Months Ward Charge
12Administrative Fee(Non-refundable)- subsidised case - S$125
- Private case - S$500
13ConsumablesChargable base on usage & includes:

- Non Standard Medications & Surgicals
- Holders / Restraints
- Diapers
- Special Feeds & Fluids
- Specialist Consultations (Geriatrician, Psycho-Geriatrician)
- Special Lab Investigations
- Bed reservation during hospitalization
- Death Certification etc

Medical Criteria

CMedical Criteria 
13MRSAAccept MRSA colonized cases on a case by case basis
14PsychaitricAccept mild and stabilized psychiatric patients on a case by case basis as the building is not conducive for psychiatric patients
15Tuberculosis (TB)Accept old inactive PTB patients.
16Infectious DiseasesAccept if referral is from Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) eg HIV
17BedsoresAccept those with small & manageable sores
18ComatoseDo not accept
19Terminally illAccept on a case by case basis
20AlcoholicDo not accept
21Drug AddictDo not accept
22SmokerAccept though prefer non-smokers
23Non-ambulant residentsAccept
24Special DietProvide Vegetarian food with eggs
25Naso-gastric Tube feeding & PEG feedingAccept
26Urinary CatheterAccept
27Tracheostomy CareAccept if stabilized & permanent
28Colostomy CareAccept
29Needs injectionAccept
32Needs Intravenous injectionDo not accept
33Needs PhysiotherapyAccept – regular for all residents
34Needs Occupational therapyAccept – regular for all residents
35Needs Speech TherapyAccept – arrange with KTPH on a case by case basis
36Respite CareAccept
37ConvalescentAccept on a case by case basis
38Undergoing Deep X-ray therapy (DXT)Do not accept
39Frequent laboratory monitoringAccept
40Very regular follow-up at hospitalAccept

As at 18 October 2012.

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